About the Millerdale Tool & Machine Corporation

While supervising pipeline and industrial projects, we regularly searched for ways to improve the efficiency and safety of the crews on project sites. Often we were stymied by the lack of industry and task specific tools that could help us reach those goals. Our research led us to develop those needed tools and machines.

Now, with several “Patents Pending” we looked to get manufacturing underway. We quickly discovered that to meet our stringent requirements of quality, adaptive, timely and cost effective manufacturing, making it ourselves was the best way. So we started Millerdale Tool & Machine, and equipped the company with knowledgeable staff and advanced metalworking machinery.

Today Millerdale Tool & Machine continues to expand our initial product line with additional innovative products. Purchasers find value in increased productivity, ease of use and improved safety compared to existing methods.

If you’d like to learn more about Millerdale, please contact info@millerdaletool.com

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