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Introducing the 46x36x16 With End Doors to the M-Tainer System




The M-Tainer System allows you to streamline tool and material storage and shipping.



Millerdale Tool & Machine introduces automated welding to small inch pipeline construction. 



Pipe Cone Stillage

Efficient transport and storage of plastic pipe stands with the Pipe Cone Stillage.



 Millerdale Tool & Machine introduces the 20" & 40" Open Frame Stillage.


We have updated our Totes section of the online store to include more information and additional pictures. Millerdale Tool & Machine Totes are ideal for lowering your labour input costs for distributing and returning pipeline skids, pipe cones and safety fencing on your projects. Follow the link for additional information.


Millerdale Tool & Machine has an employment opportunity for a Product Sales Representative. See our careers listing for more information.


Added a reference chart for Paddle Blanks to the Technical Data page.


The M0102 and M0103 Stackable Steel Stillages have been upgraded to a 1200kg load capacity.  Whether you require the M0102 with 11" deep basket or the M0103 with 22" deep basket, these heavy duty steel crates are inter-stackable with previous models and each other.

M0102 Stackable Steel Stillage

M0103 Stackable Steel Stillage


Updated photos added to the M0120 pipeline Skid Tote page in the online store.

M0120 Pipeline Skid Tote


Millerdale Tool & Machine announces the introduction of the M5000. The M5000 is a 500kg, NPS2 - NPS16 capacity Multi-Directional Pipe Roller that can be clamped to wide flange structural beams.

M5000 Multi-Directional Pipe Roller Product Page

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